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The Most Ancient Order of the Peacock Angel is an order of spiritual seekers who strive to achieve the highest Self-Knowledge and know the true history of our world and universe through study and direct mystical experience of Tawsi Melek - the "Peacock Angel" -  who is humanity's most ancient Wisdom Teacher. We also deeply study the religious culture and teachings given to the Yezidis, the "First People" on Earth, by the Peacock Angel during the era known as the Garden of Eden.


To learn more about the Peacock Angel and the Yezidis, please visit: 



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Initiations into The Most Ancient Order of the Peacock Angel occur under the guidance of the Yezidi Faqirs, Sheikhs and Mirs (Holy Men & Women) who direct the Order. They occur 1-2 times a year in Phoenix or Sedona, Arizona and other locations worldwide.  Those that become initiated members receive special teachings, lessons, and spiritual rites and practices.  


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Upcoming Initiation:


Spring 2022

Phoenix, Arizona


Facilitated by the Yezidi Mir of North America, 

Salem Najman Daoud Beg 








Mir Salem Daoud Beg is the Mir (head) of the North American Yezidis. He is a Prince of the Beg family that governs all Yezidis worldwide.


Receive initiation from Mir Salem and his son, Sam, into

 The Most Ancient Order of the Peacock Angel 

and knighthood as a Lord or Lady Knight of the Knights or Tawsi Melek


 With Special Power Point Presentation by Author Mark Amaru Pinkham










Mark Amaru Pinkham has been assisting and writing about the the Yezidis for the past 20 years. Mark is the author of 8 books, many of which cover the history and mysteries of the Yezidis. He is also 

the creator of the website 


Schedule for Initiation Day

10am - 12pm: The History and Mysteries of the Peacock Angel and Yezidis

1pm - 4pm: Initiations into Peacock Order and Knights of Tawsi Melek


Space is limited to 20 participants so register today!



Donation for this special event: $95.00

Yezidi donation for the event: $25.00


All donations go to support the Yezidis in Iraq




Become an Associate Member
Membership Includes:
*The Mysteries of the Peacock Angel
(125 page E-Book)
*Certificate of Membership

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Become a Knight of Tawsi Melek

'The Lord and Lady Knights of Tawsi Melek  protect, administrate and teach within The Most Ancient Order of the Peacock Angel. They oversee the Order and protect and support the Yezidis, who are the People of the Peacock Angel. The Yezidis principally reside in northern Iraq but currently live all over the globe.   

Tawsi Melek is the most ancient name of the Peacock Angel. It means "Peacock King." The Knights of Tawsi Melek also protect the thrones and courts of the Peacock Angel in Lalish and Sedona, Arizona.

Initiation into the Knights of Tawsi Melek occur during days of initiation into the three degrees of the Order. 
























The Two Degrees of the Order


Murids - Initiates who receive teachings that cover the history and mysteries of the Peacock Angel and the Yezidis.


Faqirs - The Priests, Teachers and Knowers of Tawsi Melek.   They have a special alignment with the Peacock Angel and serve as his mediators within the Order. 

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Mir Salem Najman Daoud Beg


Salem Daoud is the Mir (leader) of the North American Yezidis. He is a member of the Yezidi royal family and cousin of the international Mir of all Yezidis. Salem currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona and spends much of the year in Iraq overseeing the Yezidi orphanage and Home for Elders in Sinjar. 

Mark Amaru Pinkham

Mark Amaru Pinkham is a historian and teacher of the Peacock Angel Mysteries. He is the author of many books associated with the Yezidis and Peacock Angel, including From the Green Man to Jesus: The Origin and Evolution of the Christ Myth.  Mark is the discoverer of teh Court of Tawsi Melek in Sedona, Arizona, and the webmaster/creator of . 


Sheikh Faqir Mirza Ismail


Mirza Ismail is a member of a Yezidi Sheikh Faqir family who serve as guardians of one of two Sanjaks anciently given the Yezidis by the Peacock Angel. He is the founder/director of Yezidi Human Rights international. Mirza is an international lawyer who travels the globe while representing the Yezidis in conferences and conclaves.  Mirza currently resides in Ontario, Canada. 

Faqir Kawwal Hasan 

Kawwal Hasan is a Yezidi Faqir who currently resides in Lincoln, Nebraska. With his daughter, Laila, Kawwal has been an important activist for positive change among the Yezidis. 

Kawwal Hasan, Mark Amaru Pinkham, Mirza Ismail, Basim Bebany, Salem Daoud

The Most Ancient Order of the Peacock Angel was officially founded on 12/21/2012 in Sedona, Arizona.  

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